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The threats to your accumualted assets and savings seem to grow larger on a daily basis.
Asset Protection Planning
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Asset protection planning is all about taking chips off the table in good times, so that you still can walk away from the table a winner no matter what happens in bad times.

Forbes - July 2011
All pose imminent danger to your family's future.

Asset protection planning is a set of legal techniques designed to protect your assets from all of these external dangers. The goal of asset protection planning is to insulate a person’s assets from external threats, without concealment or tax evasion.

A properly designed asset protection plan contains several layers of barriers to incursion. This typically includes the use of a Limited Partnership or Limited Liability Company, an Irrevocable Trust, Independent Trustees and domicile in a jurisdiction with favorable asset protection laws.

At FLB Capital Management, we have assembled a team of highly skilled professionals to assist you in designing an iron clad asset protection plan that can prove insurmountable to all external threats.
• Predatory litigation

• Rising tax rates

• spiraling government debt

• The growing welfare state